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Alex Blumberg: The Mistakes You’ve Made Are Your Best Selling Points

About this presentation

Startups often have “creation myths” about their early days. But real life is much messier than that. To prove this, former This American Life producer Alex Blumberg recorded nearly every painstaking moment in creating his new podcasting company, Gimlet Media. With plenty of audio examples, Blumberg highlights the ups and downs of turning your creative art into a business, culminating in a cringe-worthy pitch to a venture capitalist.

“The story that you tell, it’s like you’re killing it all the time,” says Blumberg. “But deep inside every single person who has ever tried to start a business, I’m sure, has had a pitch like that—if not worse.”

About Alex Blumberg

The uncomfortable details of starting a company are often glossed over after the fact. So what happens when an alum of “This American Life” records every part of the process?

Alex Blumberg is an entrepreneur, radio journalist, and CEO of the podcast company Gimlet Media. He currently hosts the Startup podcast, and is a former producer atThis American Life and the co-founder of the podcast Planet Money.

Blumberg has won every major award in broadcast journalism, including the Polk, the duPont-Columbia, the Peabody, and several Emmys. Blumberg’s award-winning documentary on the housing crisis, The Giant Pool of Money, which he co-reported and produced with Adam Davidson, was named one of the last decade’s top ten works of journalism by New York University. 

He lives with his wife and two children in Brooklyn, NY.

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