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Thor and Iron Man go high art, with ‘world first’ Marvel exhibition at Brisbane

Thor might've already been seen stalking Brisbane's sunny streets, hammer in hand, in recent months, but now he's bringing along the rest of his Avengers super crew – and no, not for some epic world-saving mission, but rather for a groundbreaking Marvel museum exhibition.

Morrissey shouts out at Barnaby Joyce 'You are on the wrong side of history':

Our Deputy Prime Minister can't seem to stay out of stoushes with international celebrities.

First it was that whole sorry saga with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, now Barnaby Joyce has drawn the ire – and acerbic pen – of British music legend, Morrissey.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars face Uptown Funk copyright fight again

Hot damn, we might need new lyrics to one of the biggest hits of the past few years, Uptown Funk. Instead of "called a police and a fireman" it's become a case of call a musicologist and a lawyer man.

For at least the second time, Uptown Funk songwriters Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have been threatened with a legal suit over alleged similarities between their worldwide smash and a 1980s song by Minneapolis band Collage.

ABC News Breakfast offers something fresh,Sunrise and Today hog spotlight

Normally, a winner is declared after a fight. But the rules are different in commercial TV. Somehow, two networks can both declare victory. Then they'll take it outside to the carpark and keep brawling.

We saw this last week, when Channel Nine claimed Today had overtaken Seven's Sunrise to become the top-rating breakfast show. What followed, essentially, was this:

ABC's Catalyst under question as internal review could see weekly format ditched

The future of Catalyst, the controversial ABC science program, is hanging in the balance amid reports the show's current format is to be axed and 11 staff made redundant.

The ABC has refused to comment on a Guardian report that Catalystwill lose its weekly slot and move to outsourced production, meaning 11 staff including its suspended reporter Maryanne Demasi could lose their jobs.

The X Factor Australia peddles catfight

How do you know a TV talent show is floundering in the ratings and out of ideas? Let's have a look for a quickly manufactured feud between its female judges.


Some Americans Are Going To Mars, I Haven’t Been To Epcot!

President Barack Obama announced the goal for Americans to reach Mars by 2030. That’s downright unfair. You’re telling me that some Americans are planning a trip to Mars when I haven’t even been to Epcot?! What the H?

So this is the two Americas everyone’s always talking about. It really burns me up to think some Americans will probably stepping on the red chalky surface of Mars when I haven’t even seen Ellen’s Energy Adventure (a slow moving ride and film presentation hosted by daytime diva Ellen DeGeneres)?! We basically have a caste system is what you’re telling me.

Emily Blunt 'too beautiful' for The Girl On The Train role

The author of best-selling novel The Girl on the Train said filmmakers did their best to make Emily Blunt look "a bit shit" ahead of her lead role in the movie adaptation.

Paula Hawkins' comments come in the wake of criticism that 33-year-old Blunt was incorrectly cast for the role of overweight, alcoholic divorcee Rachel Watson.

"I love Emily Blunt. Mostly, I thought of her as like a comedy actress," Hawkins told an audience at the Chiswick Book Festival in the United Kingdom this week.


The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ellen Bayley and Ron Tite to our organization’s volunteer board. Ellen and Ron join our exceptional board team which consists of Chairperson Megan MacKeigan, Treasurer Tom Lowden, and directors Chris Earle and John Petcoff.


Winnie-the-Pooh's long-forgotten penguin friend makes debut in official sequel

Generations of children the world over have long adored AA Milne's tales of Winnie-the-Pooh and his motley band of pals, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.

But now it appears one of the bear-of-little-brain's mates was forgotten along the way and condemned to anonymity for nearly 90 years.

Finally, this century-old wrong is about to be righted and the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood will be joined by a new companion: Penguin.


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