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Sunny Hills' 'Ash Girl' is a magical and classic story of love

At its heart, “Ash Girl” is a story of love enduring despite challenges. However, the play, based on the Cinderella story, also interjects topical and important commentaries on beauty and the role that emotions play in the real word.

Sunny Hills High School’s production immerses the audience into a world of fairies, evil step sisters and strong willed emotions and is unique in that it also incorporates the seven deadly sins.

Playing the titular Ashgirl, Anais Lino shows how a character could change greatly throughout a play. Lino shows how Ashgirl’s confidence is built by persevering through the challenges thrown at her by her wicked step sisters. Going from a soft-spoken girl hiding in the ashes to a confident lover with a sureness in her walk, Lino displayed the effect that love can have on a person in a subtle, yet satisfying way.

The actors playing the seven deadly sins work together from the very start, committing to each of their over exaggerated characters and phyicality with what it means to be a sin. For example, Fiona Pratt-McDonald morphs herself into Pridefly with mimicry and deceitful smiles paired with scheming gesticulations.

The technical aspects within the show compliment the actors and their characters, and they bring light to different facets of the play. Ryan Mercer, Rachel Kim and Bailey Shea create the insightful makeup designs. Large designs on the faces of sins contrast with the simplicity of the humans creating a strong visual distinction between the two ensembles. The set design by Andraya Eisenman includes painted platforms creating a simplistic atmosphere that serves the many scene changes well.

Sunny Hills High School’s production of “Ash Girl” is one that captures the whimsy of a classic tale, and the actors and technicians all work marvelously together to bring the wonderous world to life.

Arcadia Eckmayer is a senior at Fullerton Union High School.

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